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i dont mind coming down to anywhere in the midlands.. like 
nottingham or so... but the only thing is.... that i dont get 
transport back... if it is in the evening.... as you all know.. 
parents are skeptic about a 15 year'ol kid wondering in the 
midlands at evening time....

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> From George Reid <greid at>
> Date 30/10/2001 16:56:13
> On Mon, Oct 29, 2001 at 11:01:56AM -0000, Paul Richards 
> > There are actually quite a lot of FreeBSD people around 
Oxford. We've had
> > some good events here in the past. They have all been in 
pubs though :-)
> ...of which there are many. If demand is sufficient, I think I 
> probably book a function room here at Oriel for a 
day/evening/whatever and 
> probably secure tea/coffee etc.
> If the general consensus is that people want a meeting in 
Oxford and a pub 
> is problematic for whatever reason, the offer of an 
alternative remains 
> open.
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