telnet problem

Paul Civati paul at
Tue Oct 30 14:07:59 GMT 2001

Alex Dyas <adyas at> wrote:

> i'm having problems with fbsd and telnetting through a firewall.
> basically what happens is this - i telnet from my own machine
> (r2d2,FreeBSD 4.2R) in subnet A across a firewall to any one of
> 10 solaris machines in subnet B.  all is fine until i leave the
> telnet session for more than about 15 seconds. if i then try to
> do anything there is a ~8 second delay before it responds to key
> presses, after which all is well again.

This sounds very much like your firewall doing something to
the TCP connections passing through it, some will drop "idle"
connections after a certain time, but that doesn't sound the
case here.

> windows and linux machines in subnet A doing the same thing
> don't suffer from the same delays.

Not sure why this would only effect FreeBSD, I think you'll
have to run tcpdump and see exactly what's happening during
that ~8 second delay.


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