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Tue Oct 30 13:39:14 GMT 2001

> > > It usually is at night that the disconnects occur, but I would say it's
> > > considerably less often than once every few hours.... Normally once per
> > > day - I think the longest I've had it connected was about 30 hours, not
> > > brilliant, but normally you can reconnect straight away.
> > You may find it useful to upgrade to the latest net/pppoa port.  I
> > get this from ``show physical'' right now:
> [snip]
> > ie, it's been connected for over a week.  This has no problems
> > connecting on boot either.
> Is this with BT Openworld? I think the disconnects are due to BT Openworld
> forcing a change of IP address by making you disconnect.....

Ah, no, it's not.  I was talking about BTi....

> Mark

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