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Tue Oct 30 13:08:04 GMT 2001

> > >Remember that the USB ADSL option is non-nat from anywhere - you always
> get
> > >a Real IP address with that. Despite most peoples complaints, aside from
> > >the lack of static IP address I've actually got on fine with BT
> Openworld
> > >USB 500k thingy.
> > >
> > >Works a treat with FreeBSD - get 15-25ms pings to most UK things. Nice
> :-)
> >
> > Does it work on bootup? Mine fails with "Child failed(errdead)" and I
> > have to run the PPP command manually a couple of times before it
> > starts. Plus, it fails after a few hours, often during the night.
> Works fine on bootup. It generally does go down about once every 24 hours -
> I think this is BT's attempt to force you to upgrade to the static IP
> addressed version should you want to host servers - I've set up a script
> which checks whether the link is up (by the rather crude method of pinging
> a couple of servers) and if it's down, issuing a "killall ppp" then a
> "ppp -ddial adsl", and am running it through cron every ten minutes.
> It usually is at night that the disconnects occur, but I would say it's
> considerably less often than once every few hours.... Normally once per
> day - I think the longest I've had it connected was about 30 hours, not
> brilliant, but normally you can reconnect straight away.
> As to the connect on startup thing, I'm using the script that
> came with the driver to load up ppp in ddial mode, and it works fine, as
> soon as some data tries to flow it brings up the connection.

You may find it useful to upgrade to the latest net/pppoa port.  I 
get this from ``show physical'' right now:

Name: deflink
 State:           open
 Device:          !/usr/local/bin/pppoa2 -vpi 0 -vci 38 -v 1 (session owner: 926)
 Link Type:       ddial
 Connect Count:   34
 Queued Packets:  0
 Phone Number:    N/A

 Device List:     "!/usr/local/bin/pppoa2 -vpi 0 -vci 38 -v 1"
 Characteristics: sync, cs8, no parity, CTS/RTS on
 CD check delay:  no cd

Connect time: 255:40:42
70579644 octets in, 18579591 octets out
307413 packets in, 302138 packets out
  overall       96 bytes/sec
  currently    423 bytes/sec in,    277 bytes/sec out (over the last 5 secs)
  peak       55007 bytes/sec on Sun Oct 28 18:08:01 2001

ie, it's been connected for over a week.  This has no problems 
connecting on boot either.

> Regards,
> Mark

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