Mark Hughes mark at
Tue Oct 30 12:42:23 GMT 2001

> >Remember that the USB ADSL option is non-nat from anywhere - you always
> >a Real IP address with that. Despite most peoples complaints, aside from
> >the lack of static IP address I've actually got on fine with BT
> >USB 500k thingy.
> >
> >Works a treat with FreeBSD - get 15-25ms pings to most UK things. Nice
> Does it work on bootup? Mine fails with "Child failed(errdead)" and I
> have to run the PPP command manually a couple of times before it
> starts. Plus, it fails after a few hours, often during the night.

Works fine on bootup. It generally does go down about once every 24 hours -
I think this is BT's attempt to force you to upgrade to the static IP
addressed version should you want to host servers - I've set up a script
which checks whether the link is up (by the rather crude method of pinging
a couple of servers) and if it's down, issuing a "killall ppp" then a
"ppp -ddial adsl", and am running it through cron every ten minutes.

It usually is at night that the disconnects occur, but I would say it's
considerably less often than once every few hours.... Normally once per
day - I think the longest I've had it connected was about 30 hours, not
brilliant, but normally you can reconnect straight away.

As to the connect on startup thing, I'm using the script that
came with the driver to load up ppp in ddial mode, and it works fine, as
soon as some data tries to flow it brings up the connection.


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