Serial Ports & APC UPSs (Success)

Simon Griffiths simon.g at
Mon Oct 29 16:14:10 GMT 2001

Well it turns out thats theres a known problem between using the 2 port
interface expander and the advanced monitoring ('Smart') port on the Smart
UPS 1500's.  After much head scrathing and you guys' superb help I rang APC
to see what the deal is and there going to send me a gadget to get over this
problem.  I've now, without the expanders installed, got these UPSs working
sweet with FreeBSD. BTW, Ian, upsmond doesn't Seg Fault any more :-)

Thanks for giving me a hand.

Simon Griffiths
Systems Administrator - Clay Cross Building Society
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"If you give a million monkeys root access to your systems, they
  sure as hell aren't going to be writing any Shakespeare..."

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