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I currently use BT OpenWorld, and have had no problems with the setup on
ma FreeBSD 4.3 box.

Really all it comes down to, is how much you want to pay, and weather
you want a static IP or not. Dyndns works fine for everything I need on
a dyn IP.


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> Anyone got any recommendations (or suggestion of who to avoid) for
> providers who are known to work with FreeBSD?
I imagine it depends on what you intend on using it for & how much you
to pay.  I'm teaming up with my neighbour who already has Easynet's
ethernet offering installed (sharing costs).  It comes with (I believe)
static IP addresses, one of which I'll take.  He's had it for about a
& I haven't heard any complaints from him.

I've already had a trial run on it via my Windows box, & will be
plugging in
my FreeBSD server when we've got a permanent network cable installed.
it needs on my part is another network card in my FreeBSD box furnished
the right IP's etc.  No PPPoE or anything to worry about, just plain

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