(Fwd) Re: Serial Ports & APC UPSs

Simon Griffiths simon.g at claycrossbs.co.uk
Mon Oct 29 12:54:49 GMT 2001

Hi Kevin,

> > So, what do you guys use ?
> starting at basics and I am sorry if this is to simple but are
> you using the right cable?
> what colour is it? black for smart or gray for simple signalling.
> Some of the ports only
> support simple signalling. They are NOT interchangable. also APC
> UPS do not like
> fast comms rates. We use the linux version on rack mounted 3000s
> and it works fine
> -- Kevin O'Connor
> Ziptek Technologies Ltd.
> ------- End of forwarded message -------
> -- Kevin O'Connor
> Ziptek Technologies Ltd.

Yep, been there done that, just wondered what you guys used.  I'm using a
940-0024C APC Cable (the black one) connected to /dev/cuaa0 with me
attempting to set the port using stty to 2400, 8/n/1 with XON/XOFF flow
control as per the manual.  I've got this all working in NT as the box dual
boots.  Now I'd quite like to get some BSD monitoring going.  are you using
the PowerChute software on FreeBSD ?  If so could I sneak a peek at your
powerchute.ini :-)

Not sure also what line to give stty to get the port set right as it seems
to ignore me ;-)  And I'm also not sure if upsmond is core dumping on me
because of some weirdness in -current.  Shame testing on our production
machines is not an option :(

I'd really quite like to get either powerchute up and running or NUT as this
looks pretty impressive.



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