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Kevin O'Connor kevin at rainford.org.uk
Mon Oct 29 12:36:31 GMT 2001

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On 29 Oct 2001 at 12:00, Simon Griffiths wrote:

> Hi guys, Hope you all well.
> I've just taken delivery of a number of APC SmartUps 1500's (Little black
> boxes) for our main servers.  Since there are plenty of spare serial outlets
> and power sockets going free I thought I'd hook them upto our two internal
> FreeBSD servers but I've run into a couple of problems.
> Having tried /usr/ports/sysutils/upsmon, upsd and nut I'm starting to feel
> somewhat tired and now could do with some advice, what do you guys use to
> monitor ups's ?
> upsmon was great until it started to segfault, upon restarting it ignored
> the ups and moaned.  UPSd would work sometimes and then not others and nut's
> drivers dont want to talk to the ups, I'm figuring this is a serial port
> issue.  I've also got APC's own powerchute software which I was hoping to
> get going under linux emulation but that also moans about input/output
> errors on the serial port.
> My test box is a -current install and once tested will be moved onto two
> 4.4-STABLE machines.
> So, what do you guys use ?

starting at basics and I am sorry if this is to simple but are you using the right cable? 
what colour is it? black for smart or gray for simple signalling. Some of the ports only 
support simple signalling. They are NOT interchangable. also APC UPS do not like 
fast comms rates. We use the linux version on rack mounted 3000s and it works fine

-- Kevin O'Connor 
Ziptek Technologies Ltd.
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