BT Internet and FreeBSD

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at
Mon Oct 29 11:13:26 GMT 2001

Just thought I would pass on my solution - for recap I was trying to run
NAT and dial-on-demand PPP with BT Internet as I had done successfully in
Texas, and could not get LCP established.

I was using an external Sportster 33.6 modem in my attempts, and it would
connect but no packets were exchanged.  After pulling most of my hair out
I booted the box in windows (I left a small partition for running MAME
:) and used dial-up networking to establish a link, just to prove the
modem actually functioned.  It connected fine.  I then booted FreeBSD
again and ppp came up with no hassles.  So I can only assume that dial-up
networking sent some initialization string to the modem and woke it up!

I am up and running my small network now and am very happy :)

Thanks for all the suggestions...

Jeff LaCoursiere
jeff at

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