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--On Sunday, October 28, 2001 14:28:16 +0000 George Reid
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> Andrew McKay <birminghamweb at freeuk.com> writes:
>> There are a couple of people in Oxford, which also just about counts as
>> midlands, including at least one src committer who is currently enrobed
>> at the university there (hi George, how's Chelsea? :).
> She's still as ugly as ever.  The two secret service men who follow her
> around pretending to be students are amusing, though.  She originally
> applied to Oriel; I feel fortunate she went to University College
> instead...
>> Anyone else want to express interest in meeting up in the Midlands?
> Definitely.  Weekends work best for me.

There are actually quite a lot of FreeBSD people around Oxford. We've had
some good events here in the past. They have all been in pubs though :-)

I'm not averse to travelling for an event if people want to go elsewhere,
but I think there's quite a few people around here that wouldn't do that.

Maybe pick a few options and then post them here and see where we're likely
to get the best attendance.

Though, I should probably plug BSDCon Europe at this point :-) You won't
get a better chance to meet a large number of the key FreeBSD people than
this event. It's likely to be a very long time before some of these names
are in the UK again so this is a rare chance to meet and talk with them.
We've added some much cheaper options to the website now, especially if
you're a student or you just want to come for the day.


Paul Richards
FreeBSD Services Ltd

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