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George Reid george.reid at oriel.oxford.ac.uk
Sun Oct 28 14:28:16 GMT 2001

In message <Pine.BSF.4.21.0110281240430.7233-100000 at fluoxetine.lan> Andrew McKay <birminghamweb at freeuk.com> writes:

> There are a couple of people in Oxford, which also just about counts as
> midlands, including at least one src committer who is currently enrobed
> at the university there (hi George, how's Chelsea? :).

She's still as ugly as ever.  The two secret service men who follow her around
pretending to be students are amusing, though.  She originally applied to Oriel;
I feel fortunate she went to University College instead...

> Anyone else want to express interest in meeting up in the Midlands?

Definitely.  Weekends work best for me.

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