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Andrew McKay birminghamweb at freeuk.com
Sun Oct 28 12:56:14 GMT 2001

On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, hiten pandya wrote:

hp> hi all,
hp> i am a regular user of the freebsd Operating system since
hp> version 4.2.

Me too. Fun, isn't it? :)

hp> I live in in leicester, i would like to know how i can
hp> aproach freebsd users in my area. thanks..

I have a couple of friends in Leicester but none who use FreeBSD (I'm
working on that but they have a 'lack of clue and no desire to invest the
time to obtain it because M$ is just so damn simple' issue)

I'm in Birmingham (near enough, anyway).  That's not too far from
Leicester (about 5 quid on the train for young'uns or a 45 minute drive if
the M6 hasn't subsided too much) but I don't know if there are any other
FreeBSD users close by.

There are a couple of people in Oxford, which also just about counts as
midlands, including at least one src committer who is currently enrobed
at the university there (hi George, how's Chelsea? :).

So...there are probably enough people in the Midlands area to get some
kind of meeting to happen.  I've not been aware of any meetings happening
in the Midlands, but I guess that doesn't mean there couldn't be, if
someone wanted to organise one (all you need for a meeting is >1 person,
some mutual free time and a place to co-exist)

Anyone else want to express interest in meeting up in the Midlands?

Andrew McKay <birminghamweb at freeuk.com>

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