Visual Slick Edit 6.0

gabi veneat gabi at
Sun Oct 28 11:48:09 GMT 2001

i am aware of my low morale standards, but still ...

since Visual Slick Edit is one of the best programmer tools , and now it's ported on FreeBSD too,
i was wondering if anyone can give me a valid registration key .

right now it can't save a bit, but i still use it by pasting the modified source in nedit...(awful, isn't it ?!?... :) )

i swear i will buy a license when i'll earn more than i do now
295$ is too much from a salary of less than 500$/month (a good IT salary in romania, though...)
(i also swear to buy all the oreilly bookshelfs instead of Xerox-copying 'em)

please don't hate me and, TIA


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