1U Rackmount server options for FreeBSD - recommendations?

Mark Hughes mhughes at digitalspy.co.uk
Sun Oct 28 01:19:50 GMT 2001

Hi peeps.

We're currently looking at buying ourselves a server for co-location,
primarily as a web server for a moderate-to-high load
databasey(mysql)-dynamicy(php)-website(apache) (well, not too high load,
but too high for the godawful cobalt RaQ server we've got it on at the
moment....please, no sniggering :+) ).

It has to fit into a 1U space and the OS, of course, will be FreeBSD. We're
prepared to build it ourselves or buy in pre-built, cost is a consideration
however we're concerned to get reliability and scalability/upgradability
over absolute cost.

To that end, any recommendations? I've just been looking through the
archives, and the recent discussion on this threw up some good tips - has
anyone got a "Teramac-120" (http://www.dnuk.com/systems/teramac-120.html)
running on FreeBSD with two processors? Any comments? Comments on this box
in general? Any other recommendations for 1U servers?

And, if we do decide to build-our-own, recommendations for motherboards (I
think dual processors is a must, AMD or Intel - pref intel tho I think),
NIC manufacturers? good 1U cases? cooling? Places to get good quality
components without paying the earth? Ways to turn lead into gold? :+)

SCSI vs IDE vs 2-disc SCSI RAID vs 2-disc IDE RAID - cost vs. benefits -
any opinions? Looking at reliability and speed vs. purchase costs.

So....basically, any tips/hints/comments gratefully received.

Mark Hughes - DVD & Film Content Manager, Technical Officer
Digital Spy Ltd
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