FreeBSD and BT Internet

Graham Hamblin ghamblin at
Wed Oct 24 17:30:42 BST 2001

Hiyer Brian

Well I am a complete newbie to FreeBSD and I must say I liked what I saw
but I like to download the crossword from my paper early in a morning,
5am and print it up so being unable to do that in BSD I put Linux back
on.   I change O/S's at least once a week for the fun of it and it's
good for learning sbout them ;-)  I will never use Gate's stuff as a
matter of principle.

I was trying to be helpful, with limited knowledge, although I have only
run Unix stuff since Slackware came on 80 odd floppies, the first
Slackware CD I have is 3.5!!

I actually used aspfilter with the last Slackware I had but not a lot of
joy.   In Linux CUPS sets the printer up in most versions without
trouble.  It is in the FreeBSD 4.4 but how to start it and use it I am
at a loss.

I write this now cos I am off to put FreeBSD back on and have another
go, if I can get the printer going ok, I will stick to it if not well I
am afraid it's Linux until I can.

The other problem I have with Konquerer in BSD and Linux it that it
cannot find the Java executable when in Linux this works fine in
Netscape.   Any help on that would be welcome.


Graham Hamblin
ghamblin at	
S.u.S.E. Linux 7.2 Pro.

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