I will read the book!!

Graham Hamblin ghamblin at btinternet.com
Wed Oct 24 17:42:07 BST 2001

Hiyer Dave

Dave Peacock - iPlanet Tech Support wrote:

> Wow! Blast from the past! I haven't touched Slack since 3.6, it's been
> a while for me. :-)

Well the first time I put it on it came on 80 plus floppies, I like it
but Mandrake and S.u.S.E. are much easier to set up.   It's this printer
thing really.

The printing thing, CUPS comes with FreeBSD 4.4 but I haven't a clue how
to go about using it.   In Linux it does it's own thing and the printer
sets up.

Ok I am off to put FreeBSD on again and have another go at it but it's
that printer thing and my crossword at 5 am that really is a must ;-)

Hey you are a great bunch of guys and lasses? on here.   A pleasure to
meet you.


Graham Hamblin
ghamblin at btinternet.com	
S.u.S.E. Linux 7.2 Pro.

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