FreeBSD and BT Internet

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at
Tue Oct 23 22:36:33 BST 2001


I am new to the UK - just arrived from Texas, USA and am now living in
Lewisham, London.

I have signed on with BT Internet's unlimited 15 pound deal and have my
windows laptop running on it, but would like to get my FreeBSD 4.4 machine
running NAT and user mode PPP on demand.  I had this running great in
Texas through my provider there, but am having trouble here with BT.

I don't seem to get any PPP negotiation from the BT side.  Have even tried
manually dialling with "term" in the interactive mode, and I get
connected, but no data after that.  If I use ~p I get the interactive
prompt back, but the ppp prompt doesn't change as it normally would as
negotiation occurs.  Am I missing something stupid?


Jeff LaCoursiere
jeff at

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