I will read the book!!

Dave Peacock - iPlanet Tech Support peacock at Sun.COM
Mon Oct 22 08:35:39 BST 2001

Welcome to the community Graham. :-)

I can answer one of these...

<ghamblin at btinternet.com> wrote:
>Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 19:49:20 -0700 (PDT)
>I have an ES1371 sound card to set up and again in Linux this went ok editing 
>/etc/rc.d/modules.   Any suggestions for setup in Freebsd?

Create a custom kernel file and make sure you add "device pcm", your card
will automagically be detected at boot time (assuming you have no BIOS 
quirks, I had to set PnP to "no" in mine) and then you can use MAKEDEV to
create the device nodes.

Please see the FreeBSD Handbook (linked from www.freebsd.org) for further
(full) details with regards to soundcards and rolling a custom kernel.


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