I will read the book!!

Graham Hamblin ghamblin at btinternet.com
Mon Oct 22 04:48:54 BST 2001


I am a new user and installed FreeBSD 4.4 having used Linux for around 7 or 8 
years to the exclusion of other software.

If there is a quick answer and someone can let me into the secret to the 
following I would be obliged.

I have a Canon BJC 60 printer which I have set up with CUPS ok in Linux.   I 
installed CUPS with BSD and would like to set my printer up using it.   Is 
that possible.

I have an ES1371 sound card to set up and again in Linux this went ok editing 
/etc/rc.d/modules.   Any suggestions for setup in Freebsd?

If I am asking these questions on the wrong group I apologise if not any help 
would be much appreciated.   Thanks in anticipation.


Graham P. Hamblin
ghamblin at btinternet.com
FreeBSD 4..4

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