Richard Wendland richard at
Fri Oct 12 09:33:46 BST 2001

> >Demon have a unmetered service too I think, but I've no experience with
> >them.
> Well, they used to be very good, but after going back to them during a short
> absence, I've found that the service has been spotty at best.  They appear
> to have had network and routing problems almost consistently over the
> past couple of months, and I'm getting connections that stall quite
> frequently
> on the windows box having not had the time or deskspace to get my Freebsd
> box connected.
> Pinging a known domain tends to report the usual 100-200ms for
> approximately 80% of the packets, dropping to 1400ms for 20% of the time.
> I haven't got around to documenting this at all, so this is completely
> subjective,
> but I'm beginning to suspect two-tier service from Thus plc.

I'd agree about Demon's network quality being spotty, sadly for rather
more than a couple of months.  I've been collecting some data on this for
some time - charting RTTs from a Telehouse server (on Nildram's network)
to four points in Demon.  I've put these charts up at:

I'd quite like to extend this RTT charting to some other UK ISPs, if
anyone has any requests I could set that up.  I'd particularly like to
chart RTTs to an Easynet & Nildram ADSL leaf system - if anyone is willing
to be pinged 3 times every 10 mins for this, could they let me know.  Ta.

Richard Wendland				richard at

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