ADSL suppliers

Stuart Henderson stu at
Thu Oct 11 18:55:16 BST 2001

> I have my own domain. I wanted to transfer it to them so I didn't get
> hostname[1-13]
> So they want to charge me 125 quid for it

Don't transfer the domain, Easynet will change the reverse DNS
for free if you fax them the details (see posts
in deja if you want to email them instead). If you don't have
access to add the A records yourself transfer the domain to
someone like easydns (they have a nameserver in London) who
either have a web interface or will secondary from your box
(which you would then not list in NS records if you want to
keep all lookups handled by their machines).

> I know the reasons why it is so much now. Routing fees etc...

ha, I don't think it's possible to make any money on that kind of
pricing bearing in mind BT's wholesale charges. Personally I prefer
it this way round with expensive supplemental services (which there
are many suppliers for) and cheap bandwidth :)

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