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Brian Somers brian at
Thu Oct 11 18:12:55 BST 2001

> On Thu, Oct 11, 2001 at 04:57:46PM +0100, Brian Somers wrote:
> > > I have an EasyDSL line and do all of my own DNS at no cost.
> > > It does annoy me that Easynet won't CNAME the PTRs of my network to my
> > > name servers, but I can live with that.  They will change the PTRs for
> > > you though if you ask. (Don't ask me who to ask, I used to work at
> > > Easynet so I went around a back door to get mine changed. ;)
> >=20
> > Sending a fax to 08702221011 and asking nicely works for me :*)
> I used to go via the Pavilion systems department ;)  It helps knowing
> people there ;).  Easynet support never really understood what I was
> asking for and regularly didn't read what I'd asked them to do and so
> didn't quite do the right thing.  Very frustrating.

They've been good with the 3 updates I've done (one 13 address 
update, and two small 2-3 address updates).  I gave them the exact 
DNS PTR lines and they were updated at the next reload.

> Joe

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