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Thu Oct 11 16:38:53 BST 2001

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, James wrote:

>Well you'd imagine that a town seven miles away from Lichfield (expensive
>housing) would have been next on the list to be done, but being part of
>the vast conurbation of Cannock/Rugeley that is almost beginning to join
>up with Walsall, we're obviously getting overlooked because of the per

I thought the rule was:

High population + Low per-capita income -> cable network coverage
High population + high income -> ADSL
Low population -> /dev/null

>  Of course, the cable modem deal only starts to look
>attractive if
>I ditch Sky and BT for TV and phones respectively as they refuse to supply
>on just the internet service,

See previous comments regarding cable companies not providing effective
competition.  They just want the cream off the top - better have one
customer who generates =A350 revenue than five customers at =A310 each.
(or for that matter, five at =A320 each.)

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