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Thu Oct 11 16:16:54 BST 2001

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, Steve Greenshaw wrote:
> Us 'northerners' have a choice of suppliers: BT or BT.

Well, actually, since it's PPP over ATM, you can acutally use whatever
service provider you like. The box on the wall is still BT's, but the
hardware is your supplier's choice, and the supplier is your choice. It
doesn't maytter a single bit where in the country they are. Personally,
I'm using Zen Internet (,, but then, I used to
work there, for interesting definitations of the word "work".

Bonuses: Static IP, aparetnly lower contention ratios.
Bad Points: More expensive than BT, and yes, they do use the USB thingy
that looks like the martian's ships from the original War Of The World's
posters... that is supported by the stuff, and
ports/net/pppoa stuff.

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