Steve Greenshaw steve at
Thu Oct 11 16:12:42 BST 2001

Yes ... Telewest do cover areas in Northern Britain, but being a cable company
these areas are never going to include the beautiful Lake District.

As for Easynet ... well, let's just say that an installation cost of £295.00
and a monthly fee of £79.00
( seems a bit
much to me when you can buy from BT at £39 per month with *currently* a £75
connection fee (this is waived if you are an existing BT Anytime ... or should
we say a BT Not More Than 16 hrs a Day Time ... customer) for the same spec.

That strikes me as a huge profit you're forking over to EasyNet ... ?

James wrote:

> >Not much chance in rural Surrey though.  We only got mains gas last year,
> >and I don't want to tell you what we do with the sewage :-)
> Well you'd imagine that a town seven miles away from Lichfield (expensive
> housing) would have been next on the list to be done, but being part of
> the vast conurbation of Cannock/Rugeley that is almost beginning to join
> up with Walsall, we're obviously getting overlooked because of the per
> capita
> income.
> Buying a house in depressed old Rugeley was an investment...something
> that's paying off apart from the only broadband available being the
> remarkably
> cavalier NTL.  Of course, the cable modem deal only starts to look
> attractive if
> I ditch Sky and BT for TV and phones respectively as they refuse to supply
> based
> on just the internet service, or so I was told.  I don't like corporate
> blackmail of
> that type, so I'm hoping that BT'll get their finger out.
> I thought that Telewest covered areas in northern Britain?
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