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Thu Oct 11 16:05:01 BST 2001

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On Thu, Oct 11, 2001 at 08:53:30AM +0100, David Richards wrote:
> I am on easynet for adsl. Now I am with them, I wish I could have gone wi=
> someone else. Reasons why
> I have my own domain. I wanted to transfer it to them so I didn't get
> hostname[1-13]

I have an EasyDSL line and do all of my own DNS at no cost.
It does annoy me that Easynet won't CNAME the PTRs of my network to my
name servers, but I can live with that.  They will change the PTRs for
you though if you ask. (Don't ask me who to ask, I used to work at
Easynet so I went around a back door to get mine changed. ;)


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