James James at
Thu Oct 11 15:39:34 BST 2001

>Not much chance in rural Surrey though.  We only got mains gas last year,
>and I don't want to tell you what we do with the sewage :-)

Well you'd imagine that a town seven miles away from Lichfield (expensive
housing) would have been next on the list to be done, but being part of
the vast conurbation of Cannock/Rugeley that is almost beginning to join
up with Walsall, we're obviously getting overlooked because of the per

Buying a house in depressed old Rugeley was an investment...something
that's paying off apart from the only broadband available being the
cavalier NTL.  Of course, the cable modem deal only starts to look
attractive if
I ditch Sky and BT for TV and phones respectively as they refuse to supply
on just the internet service, or so I was told.  I don't like corporate
blackmail of
that type, so I'm hoping that BT'll get their finger out.

I thought that Telewest covered areas in northern Britain?

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