ADSL suppliers

Aled Morris aledm at
Thu Oct 11 13:59:28 BST 2001

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, Steve Greenshaw wrote:

>Ah ... if only!
>Us 'northerners' have a choice of suppliers: BT or BT.
>God help BT if there's ever a competitor brave enough to roll out a solution
>in the North of this fair country!

There isn't any competition in the South either, but BT makes the ADSL
available in two ways.  There's the IP product (which you can buy throught
BT openworld and some resellers) and there is the raw ATM service for
ISP's to use to build an IP network on top.

Sadly, I doubt that the day will ever come that any company will take the
challenge.  Mercury failed.  The cable companies have failed.  The OLO's
have failed (Atlantic and Redstone for example, and that wireless local
loop company that was based in Cambridge I think, can't remember the name,
went to the wall a couple of years ago)

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