ADSL suppliers

Ian Pallfreeman ip at
Thu Oct 11 13:11:17 BST 2001

> Ah ... if only!
> Us 'northerners' have a choice of suppliers: BT or BT.
> God help BT if there's ever a competitor brave enough to roll out a solution
> in the North of this fair country!

BT provide the local wires, sure, but you buy ADSL though an ISP, who provide 
access to "the rest" of the inertnet after you've gone through BT's ATM.

Exactly how far north are you? Can you see the oil rigs?

I'm in Manchester, and Easynet have an office in the University Science Park,
so they're within easy larting distance (it's not been necessary, so far). 
Much as I would like to, I don't see a north-south divide for ADSL.

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