Alcatel ADSL/USB problems

Richard Drinkwater drinkster3 at
Thu Oct 11 09:14:41 BST 2001

I'm working on setting up ADSL via USB on a FreeBSD box.  At the moment it
connects and then after around 4 seconds drops the connection and reconnects
successly, unless I have processes using the connection.  This is my

ident user-ppp VERSION (built COMPILATIONDATE)
set log Phase Chat IPCP CCP tun command
set authname <login>
set authkey <password>
set device !"pppoa2 -vpi 0 -vci 38 -v 1"
accept chap
set speed sync
set timeout 0
enable lqr
set lqrperiod 5
set redial 15 10000
set dial ""
set ifaddr
add default HISADDR

Any ideas?

Richard Drinkwater

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