James James at
Thu Oct 11 09:22:41 BST 2001

>Demon have a unmetered service too I think, but I've no experience with

Well, they used to be very good, but after going back to them during a short
absence, I've found that the service has been spotty at best.  They appear
to have had network and routing problems almost consistently over the
past couple of months, and I'm getting connections that stall quite
on the windows box having not had the time or deskspace to get my Freebsd
box connected.

Pinging a known domain tends to report the usual 100-200ms for
approximately 80% of the packets, dropping to 1400ms for 20% of the time.
I haven't got around to documenting this at all, so this is completely
 but I'm beginning to suspect two-tier service from Thus plc.

And I want BT to get around to ADSL enabling my town!


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