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David Richards DavidR at
Thu Oct 11 08:53:30 BST 2001

I am on easynet for adsl. Now I am with them, I wish I could have gone with
someone else. Reasons why

I have my own domain. I wanted to transfer it to them so I didn't get
So they want to charge me 125 quid for it
To register a domain with them , the same amount.
I know the reasons why it is so much now. Routing fees etc...
But the good thing I find is their support is good. They have to call you
back within 4 hours of you reporting the problem and I have never been on
hold waiting for someone

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		> You really ought to get ADSL if you can - I recommend
Nildram's service
		> for that.

		I've heard good things about Nildram ADSL, but even with
their recent
		price reductions they charge considerably more than Easynet
for non-USB

			Downstream	 Cost per month (+VAT)
			capacity	Nildram		Easynet

			500kbps		#99		#79
			1000kbps	#130		#99
			2000kbps	#160		#119

		Is there anything about the Nildram package that makes it
worth paying
		the extra?  On paper the only difference I see so far is
Nildram will
		allocate upto 256 IP addresses, whereas Easynet's maximum
seems to be 13.


		Richard Wendland
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