Using MYADDR as an argument in ppp.linkup

Brian Somers brian at
Thu Oct 11 08:49:44 BST 2001

> > > Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
> > 
> > Do you get anything in the logs? if not, adding:
> Yes, I'm already logging this.  I just get the output of the command
> above, without MYADDR substituted.  For example:
>   Oct 10 17:15:17 tomtest ppp[2884]: Command: ntlworld: !bg
>   /usr/local/sbin/ddclient -daemon=0 -syslog -use=ip ip=MYADDR

Bear in mind that the substitution is done *after* the command is 
logged, so the above looks correct.

You could try adding

  !bg sh -c "/bin/echo \\\\MYADDR=\"MYADDR\" >/tmp/x"

just as a proof of concept....

> Thanks,
> Tom

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