Using MYADDR as an argument in ppp.linkup

Tom Hukins tom at
Wed Oct 10 16:32:16 BST 2001

I'm having trouble getting ddclient (from /usr/ports/net/ddclient)
working on my machine.

When a user-ppp connection is created, I want to connect to a dynamic
DNS server ( and update my address.

I've added the following line to /etc/ppp.linkup, with no luck:
  !bg /usr/local/sbin/ddclient -daemon=0 -syslog -use=ip ip=MYADDR

I had expected MYADDR to be substituted with my IP address because
/usr/share/examples/ppp/ppp.linkup.sample claims:
  You may want to execute a script after connecting.  This script can
  do nice things such as kick off "sendmail -q", "popclient my.isp"
  and "slurp -d news".  It can be passed MYADDR, HISADDR and INTERFACE
  as arguments too - useful for informing a DNS of your assigned IP.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


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