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Andrew McKay birminghamweb at
Tue Oct 9 18:47:38 BST 2001

On Tue, 9 Oct 2001, Simon Griffiths wrote:

SG> I'll find a another way to batter BT then, has anyone had any experience in
SG> forcing BT to do something about a crappy line ?

Their policy on lines is that they will only guarantee that it is
sufficiently clear for voice communication.  A rather outdated policy but
last I heard it hadn't changed.

Experience tells me that getting BT to do anything they don't want to do
is nigh on impossible.  Getting them to do something you are willing to
pay for is also liable to end in tears.  We had a simple request.  Change
the classification of the second line into the house to be 'private' (from
'business'), change the number and make it ex-directory (it was a business
line which was to become personal internet only).  So what did they do?  
They changed the *other* number.  The one that was to remain the same and
has done for several years.  The one which is legally required to be that
number due to it being a 24 hour call-out line registered with the police
for medical emergencies etc etc etc.  And THEN they tried to charge us for
changing it back.

Just one of the many reasons why BT is not my favourite company.  Their
customer service and attitude I find atrocious and their complacency
disgusting.  Easy to see why they're several billion pounds in debt...

Cheers, (and apologies for the negativity but BT really make my blood

Andrew McKay <birminghamweb at>

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