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Simon Griffiths simon.g at claycrossbs.co.uk
Tue Oct 9 10:15:23 BST 2001

Hi Brian,

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> Subject: Re: PPP show links command
> > Could anyone tell what these fields represent....
> >
> > Name: deflink [auto, open] bandwidth 115200, 34208 bps (4276 bytes/sec)
> >                                              ^^^^^^^^^
> > I'm guessing thats the speed the modem is connected at, would
> that be right?
> That's the speed that you're currently transferring data at.  It
> should be much the same as the ``show physical'' output.

Oh right, I've started graphing this and noticed its not that much different
from the amount of data going through the tun0 interface :(

> The 115200 is the DTR speed.  Unfortunately, ppp doesn't know what
> your link speed is - you can get the initial speed from your ppp logs
> if you AT your modem correctly (so that it shows the link speed on
> connect rather than the DTR speed) and do chat/connect logging.

Ahh right, no worries.  I think the modem is connecting @ ~40k then training
down pretty much immeadiatly or within a 5minute period as speeds are
generally quite good to begin with then drop to miserable 2.5/3k.  Since BT
came to install xDSL and said pretty much the line wouldnt support it
becuase of noise now I'm determined to at least have a usable modem line.
I'll find a another way to batter BT then, has anyone had any experience in
forcing BT to do something about a crappy line ?

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Thanks as always for your help Brian.


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