PPP show links command

Brian Somers brian at freebsd-services.com
Mon Oct 8 10:33:48 BST 2001

> hi guys,
> Could anyone tell what these fields represent....
> Name: deflink [auto, open] bandwidth 115200, 34208 bps (4276 bytes/sec)
>                                              ^^^^^^^^^
> I'm guessing thats the speed the modem is connected at, would that be right
> ?

That's the speed that you're currently transferring data at.  It 
should be much the same as the ``show physical'' output.

> man ppp doesnt seem to explain what the fields are used for and I'm
> attempting to use this data with BT to sort my not so brillant line out...
> Thanks in advance,
> Si.

The 115200 is the DTR speed.  Unfortunately, ppp doesn't know what 
your link speed is - you can get the initial speed from your ppp logs 
if you AT your modem correctly (so that it shows the link speed on 
connect rather than the DTR speed) and do chat/connect logging.
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