FreeBSD gateway sharing Telewest cable modem - anyone?

Andrew McKay birminghamweb at
Sun Oct 7 11:56:53 BST 2001

On Sat, 6 Oct 2001, Mark Hughes wrote:

MH> Few questions - has anyone used a freebsd box connected to the BlueYonder
MH> cable modem service? Anything I should know about getting it set up or is
MH> it just a case of plug it in and it works?

I have the same question.  I finally tired of BT Internet's bizarre
attitude to technical support (upgrade to broadband or shut up) so I've
signed up for BlueYonder.  I already have a gateway serving dial-up for
the house and when the BlueYonder man cometh I shall allow him to install
it on one of the windows boxes and then move it myself.

So what do I need to change, config-wise, to tell the firewall that it has
a nice internet connection on its second ethernet card and it doesn't want
to be trying to use the modem I just removed from its com port?  I'm
guessing that the modem itself 'just works' (because modems do, generally)
but it's how to tell FreeBSD that I have one that is my current concern
(or rather it will be in about 4 weeks when they finally come to install.
*sigh* - seems I'm not the only one to have decided to get cable

Any help would be appreciated,


Andrew McKay <birminghamweb at>

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