FreeBSD gateway sharing Telewest cable modem - anyone?

Mark Hughes mark at
Sat Oct 6 19:10:56 BST 2001

>> Web filtering - prob going to use squid+squidguard - anyone using these?
>> any other things you would suggest? Basically one of the windows boxes
>> in an 11yr olds room, and this needs to have it's web access filtered to
>> remove anything and everything even slightly dodgy. The other clients
>> have full unrestricted web access. It seems squidguard can do this but
>> relies on lists of bad sites, rather than actually filtering based on
>> content. Opinions anyone?

> Content based filtering is hard.

> If it were my kid, I'd sit down and have a talk with him about using the
> 'net responsibly instead.

yeah - but see my reply to Aled earlier - it's more to stop him
accidentally stumbling across some undesirable stuff than anything else. As
Aled said, and I think I agree, if a kid is determined to get to <insert
random evil-of-the-web>, then they will.

> Don't bother trying to use Squid as a cache -- BY already proxy all your
> web traffic through their caches anyway.

No, the only reason I'd use squid would be to allow me to use squidguard to
filter the www....although I'm still not sure that's the right way to do


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