FreeBSD gateway sharing Telewest cable modem - anyone?

Paul Richards paul at
Sat Oct 6 14:38:34 BST 2001

--On Saturday, October 06, 2001 14:28:11 +0100 Mark Hughes
<mark at> wrote:

> Email proxying - I want to download email from a number of different email
> accounts through POP, then file them into mailboxes on the freebsd
> machine, so that then the windows clients inside can use POP or IMAP to
> get to them. It's the first step of downloading the emails from the pop
> accoutns to the freebsd box that I'm wondering about - any pointers as to
> where I could start with this? The rest should be easy enough using
> procmail, maybe with popper or whatever it's called.

Take a look at fetchmail for that. You can configure it to fetch mail from
pop/imap folders and feed them into postfix/sendmail on the local box as
though they'd arrived by SMTP.

Paul Richards
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