FreeBSD gateway sharing Telewest cable modem - anyone?

Mark Hughes mark at
Sat Oct 6 14:28:11 BST 2001

Hi all.

I'm currently trying to build a freebsd gateway for my parents home network
(telewest cable modem connection to the internet, several win9x/win2k
inside, freebsd to perform nat, DHCP, web content filtering and email

Few questions - has anyone used a freebsd box connected to the BlueYonder
cable modem service? Anything I should know about getting it set up or is
it just a case of plug it in and it works?

Email proxying - I want to download email from a number of different email
accounts through POP, then file them into mailboxes on the freebsd machine,
so that then the windows clients inside can use POP or IMAP to get to them.
It's the first step of downloading the emails from the pop accoutns to the
freebsd box that I'm wondering about - any pointers as to where I could
start with this? The rest should be easy enough using procmail, maybe with
popper or whatever it's called.

Web filtering - prob going to use squid+squidguard - anyone using these?
any other things you would suggest? Basically one of the windows boxes is
in an 11yr olds room, and this needs to have it's web access filtered to
remove anything and everything even slightly dodgy. The other clients can
have full unrestricted web access. It seems squidguard can do this but
relies on lists of bad sites, rather than actually filtering based on
content. Opinions anyone?

I'm planning to use, I think, IPFW and NATD to do the firewalling and
connection sharing - I've used IPFW before without any problems, and NATD
seems easy enough.

Thanks in advance.


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