Asus V7100 GTS 2 videocard in freebsd 4.3

Ross Tregaskis freebsd-users at
Mon Oct 1 17:40:45 BST 2001

At 12:06 01/10/2001 [], you wrote:
>make sure you have Xfree86 4.1.0 installed (ports or the binaries)
>then as r00t, run   XFree86 -configure
>if all is kinky, it should create a decent XF86config file in /root
>go through that file, check that the resolution is what you want and
>then copy it to /etc/X11 and then run startx
>any probs, shout back!

4.3 didn't seem to like NV15s for some reason, especially ASUS ones (mine 
is a V7700 OEM, sans TV out.) Although I did this when FBSD 4.3 was current 
(I used a source compile) and it fixed all the problems I was having, you 
can also upgrade to 4.4, which fixes this issue entirely.

I always had the problem with -configure that my monitor (MEI 262c, branded 
Panasonic TX-T1565PU2) doesn't do VESA DDC correctly, leaving me dumped at 
640x480. In the end, I just used xf86config (the text based one) to make a 
config file on its own, with all the horiz. sync and other information 
directly set, and it works excellently at 800x600x32-bit using KDE2.2.

It's getting better every release, that is FreeBSD.

         -- Ross Tregaskis / <r.treg at>

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