PCI/PNP Modem Card

Phil Richardson prichardson at humber.ac.uk
Tue Oct 2 15:46:37 BST 2001

First posting - and new to all this.

I have had to replace my old ISA modem due to lightning damage - and of 
course finding an ISA modem is damn near impossible. I've bought a 
Hardware PCI modem card, and installed.

I cant however get the kernel to recognise its presence - it comes up as 
"unknown card", even after adding an entry into the sio_pci_device table 
in isa/sio.c (although the exact value of "rid" is unknown). 

Ive placed a simple printf into the sio_pci_probe code, and it never gets 
displayed when the kernel boots - implying the code never get's run in the 
first place! Have I missed something out in the config file? The man page 
for sio is all ISA orientated.

Ive added a line (which the config command hasnt bitched about) 
something like

sio3 at pci? port 0xec00 irq 3
as well as one for isa?

(ec00 and irq 3 are shown by the bios as being the appropraite settings)

Any idea's suggestions or recommendations before I pull my hair out?

ps. Im running BSD 4.4 


Phil Richardson 

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