Asus V7100 GTS 2 videocard in freebsd 4.3

Dan Cuthbert dan at
Mon Oct 1 12:06:43 BST 2001


make sure you have Xfree86 4.1.0 installed (ports or the binaries)
then as r00t, run   XFree86 -configure
if all is kinky, it should create a decent XF86config file in /root

go through that file, check that the resolution is what you want and
then copy it to /etc/X11 and then run startx

any probs, shout back!


* John Foks (John.Foks at tapped away like a little monkey:
> I've recently installed freebsd 4.3 and i wanted to use x windows. I can't
> seem 
> to get my card setup right. My videocard is a GeForce 2 card by Asus V7100
> with 
> 32 Mb memory. It's connected via AGP (8 times). Is there a way to set it up 
> right, and how?
> THanks
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