AMD vs. Intel

Jonathan Perkin sketch at
Mon Oct 1 10:51:13 BST 2001

On Fri Sep 28, 2001 at 02:07:23PM +0100, Martin Smith wrote:

> I have been using a variety of AMD chips for some years, just make
> sure you get the best fans, see for a good
> selection, someone also mentioned cyrix, just forget them.

Just FYI, I will happily be never buying a single thing from
overclockers anymore, after a friend had a horrendous experience
with them - basically they shipped him a completely crapped out CPU,
then when he tried to get it replaced/refunded/whatever, they
insisted it was his fault and proceded to ignore his subsequent

Not refunding is one thing, but the attitude of their staff and
the blatant accusation of him lying was pathetic.  Maybe the
lawyers will have better luck..

Naturally, someone will now reply with a glowing report of how
wonderful and helpful they are, have never had a single problem
in x years of dealing with them, ... :)

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