make installkernel

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Fri Nov 30 22:18:06 GMT 2001

Reboot the machine with 'kern_securelevel_enable="NO"' in your /etc/rc.conf
then try rebuilding it.
I think that should work at least from what you've said. :)
If you have secure levels enabled then the /kernel is immutable so cannot be
changed or moved in any way.
You can only increase the secure level of a booted system, you cannot
decrease it, so turning them off and rebooting is the only way to get that
particular thing to work.

p.s. when you get everything working don't forget to re-enable the secure
level :)

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> Hi,
> I'm trying to rebuild the kernel, and having performed the necessary
> steps I need to run 'make installkernel'.
> However, following a flawed [1] previous rebuild, I'm currently using
> /kernel.old... Conseqeuntly, installing the kernel fails, as kernel.old
> cannot be overwritten.
> Where do I specify the destination for the backup of /kernel, as
> performed by 'make installkernel' ??
> Of course, I could reboot to a new copy of the current kernel.old, but
> I'm curious... :)
> [2] flawed = non-bootable :(
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