more RAM + faster disk -> slower box?!

Ian Pallfreeman ip at
Thu Nov 29 16:35:50 GMT 2001

> Damn you! Well, my excuse is that my degree is Software Engineering, and I 
> leave hardware to the lamers. :-)

I wish _I_ could, but we get only the lamest of the lame here.

> I hope you're joking. :-)


> I still think your disks are going to cause problems though. OK, it wasn't 
> the cause of *this* problem, but I still say putting different speed disks in 
> the same box is going to cause at minimum a bottle-neck in terms of 
> performance, and if different RPMs on the same RAID controller, potentially 
> hardware problems as well.

Nah. They're not on the RAID controller anyway -- its a SCSI<->IDE thing with
a bunch of crap disks on the IDE side. The two relatively fast SCSI disks are 
a vinum mirror; if I could find a way to prefer the faster disk without
rebuilding the entire vinum configuration I'd do that. Anyone?

My previous generation news box had a SparcStorage Array with 8*1GB RAID 1+0'ed
with an original vintage Seagate 9GB brick. Few problems with that, and it's 
still being used for my (and certain stealth users) home directories. 

In a nutshell, I reckon you're wrong -- not about the performance, but about
other potential problems. I dunno about hardware RAID controllers, but vinum
(and DiskSuite, and before that, Veritas) seem perfectly happy.

> All hardware is crap

Hey, you tell that to my Suns and they'll punch you in the nose!



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