more RAM + faster disk -> slower box?!

Paul Robinson paul at
Wed Nov 28 23:43:15 GMT 2001

On Thursday 29 November 2001  4:06 pm, Ian Pallfreeman wrote:

> You're a gentleman, a man of your word, and you're going to get
> indigestion.

Damn you! Well, my excuse is that my degree is Software Engineering, and I 
leave hardware to the lamers. :-)

Once again, my inconsiderable experience is shown to be almost completely 
useless when it comes to hardware. However, I don't have a hat. Makes it 
difficult for me to eat it. If somebody wishes to send me a hat, preferably 
made out of cream cakes, for me to eat at the hat-eating ceremony, please 
feel free - email me direct for the address.

> So, taking the memory down to 512MB has fixed the problem. My load averages
> are down to 1-2 again, innd is spending almost all of its time in biord or
> inode wait, and the nnrpds are waiting on the network not burning CPU. I'm
> considering removing the remaining 512MB in hope that this will improve the
> performance even more...

I hope you're joking. :-)

I still think your disks are going to cause problems though. OK, it wasn't 
the cause of *this* problem, but I still say putting different speed disks in 
the same box is going to cause at minimum a bottle-neck in terms of 
performance, and if different RPMs on the same RAID controller, potentially 
hardware problems as well.

> Thanks to everybody who answered my call for help. Ain't PC hardware shit?
> But at least we've got software we can trust, hm?

All hardware is crap, and would be a great deal better if it had been 
designed by software engineers. OK, maybe not. If it had been designed by me, 
it would have involved a beer dispenser and some way to help me eat all the 

Paul Robinson

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