more RAM + faster disk -> slower box?!

Paul Robinson paul at
Wed Nov 28 22:12:06 GMT 2001

On Thursday 29 November 2001  2:19 pm, Mark Blackman wrote:
> Seems to be connected with the Intel 430HX chipset.
> This seems far more likely.

His dmesg output suggests a Celeron on a 440BX (oooo... FSB tweaking! Yum!) 
chipset, and I haven't heard of similar problems with that config in this 
manner. This article would suggest that if you had 64Mb RAM and then upgraded 
above that, THEN you could expect a performce drop (which would suggest the 
majority of us are running our machines with the performance drop already 
there), unless you were using 430HX in which case the barrier is 512Mb. I 
still think it's a disk issue. Maybe. :-)

Paul Robinson

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